Background & Purpose

Swiss industrial SMEs are known not only for the high quality and advanced technology of their machinery and equipment, but also for their impeccable After-Sales services. Over the past decades, Swiss companies have perfected their service offerings and can nowadays in many cases deliver professional servicing of their machines and equipment.

However, the profitable offering of after-sales services such as spare parts, installation, maintenance, overhaul, repair, field services, training or rental agreements remains a challenge for Swiss SME operating in the Chinese market with its high degree of complexity and competition. The Chinese market runs fast and is cash-driven, which leaves little room for service offerings. Maintenance is only done when absolutely necessary, and in many cases the products and spare parts are simply run down and replaced thereafter. Services are still deemed to be part of the machine-purchase, and hence are expected from the supplier and cannot really be charged for. An increasing number of Swiss SME is therefore struggling with their after-sales services business in China.

The After-Sales & Maintenance (ASM) Hub operates with experienced Swiss Engineers based in Shanghai/China, who can intervene for and on behalf of the Companies directly at the Chinese Customers location, and this on an hourly basis.


Our Service Model Is Simple

A yearly subscription fee of currently CHF 2’500.- will be charged to cover the basic advantages:

  1. Privileged Service offer by our service engineer
  2. Guaranteed first contact with customer within 24hours from the call for service
  3. Guaranteed on-site visit for urgent cases within 48hours from the call for service
  4. Privileged access to information via our ASM Hub / Competence Center
  5. Permitted use of office Address in Shanghai
  6. Company Logo in the ASM Hub office
  7. Access to meeting room in the ASM Hub office (4hours per month)

Besides that, only the training fee (depending on each case), the Service Fee (Our engineers will simply charge CHF 130.- per hour for services and transport time) and the Cost will have to be covered by the Company.

Our Cost Efficiency Is Significant

Main Services We Offer

Dedicated Interventions for and on behalf of the Company in China in the following sequence:

After-Sales Services

  1. Immediate initial contact with the customer (guaranteed within 24h)
  2. Problem Analysis
  3. Troubleshooting
  4. Advanced repair services
  5. On-site repair execution lead by your company
  6. Assistance to the Company Engineer for complex repairs on site

Maintenance Services

  1. On-site inspection (regular or ad hoc) and Problem-Prevention
  2. Basic maintenance services upon request

Main Advantages Compared To Other ASM Options

Professional Advantages

  • Immediate first contact (within 24hours)
  • Service by Swiss educated and trained Engineer(s) long-term experience in the Chinese Market
  • Experienced in commissioning, service, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Swiss Integrity
  • No Language barriers
  • Hands-on and pro-active engineers

Time & Visibility

  • very short reaction times
  • No visa needed
  • Local Address (Apparent presence in China)
  • less travel time (local from Shanghai in a day in most of the cities)
  • higher respect of Chinese customers

Financial Advantages

  • Much lower intervention time (=cost)
  • Pay-what-you-need solution
  • Local flights, less nights
  • No side business
  • Better Business Development
  • Lower training cost
  • Your own engineer will still be available for other jobs