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We at Hive17 Consulting are devoted to creating an environment for people to work with passion, engagement, and fun via positive leadership and intrinsic motivation. We all can be
self-motivated through a meaningful purpose, autonomy on execution and by becoming masters in our fields. And for us, it is clear that this foundation will drive extraordinary results.

We believe that it takes more than a perfect process, organizational charts, and value statements to make your company successful. Our people need to understand, be capable and believe in the change journey. 

Our programs are designed to stimulate excellence in innovation, collaboration, and decision-making. For this, we create awareness, provide simple tools and shape new routines.

Vision to Action

This program is designed to overcome the gap we see in many teams: yes, we do understand the company objectives… and, how do I need to change my daily work? During this program, we are guiding entire teams through two key elements; translate the business objectives into Meaningful Purpose statements that make sense to the team and from these derive tangible goals using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

We want to provide a platform to success on which the teams can deeply learn from our experience and establish sustainable routines that will lead to success. Therefore, this program is a combination of workshop and follow-up consulting sessions.

With Vision-to-Action you will give your team a purpose-formulated by themselves; we encourage autonomy in defining what they want to achieve; we introduce tools that will provide your organization with priorities and focus. As a result, collaboration and agility will improve and changes will be implemented naturally.

Data-driven Decision-Making

Today, the business environment is changing at an increased speed,with raising complexity; Quick decisions are required. At the same time, the accuracy needs to improve. Our operations are creating a wealth of data and we tend to be overwhelmed by it.

This program will focus on three areas: unconscious focus. decision mapping and smart analytics. In a series of workshops, your team will create an awareness for improvement potential in the way they make decisions, learn about models and guidelines for efficient decision-making processes, and develop a path to link collected data to the decisions we need to face.

Based on new processes and the smarter data analytics, your organisation will make decisions faster . In addition, by making bias conscious and reducing its impact on our decision-making, you will make more accurate decisions . This will lead to higher success rates and agility.

Tim Wieringa – Founder of Hive17

Practice Areas
Change Management, Business Excellence, Coaching, Collaboration

Every change creates stress & fear; managing change aims at minimizing this disruption and make people feel engaged. Hive17 Consulting provides a simple framework to involve people early, give clear direction & KPIs, and cultivate vital behaviors & habits. We provide a methodology, processes, tools, and workshops.

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