Corporate Competence Center

The Corporate Competence Center is a pool of services, companies, and experts, which can help you to increase the competences of your enterprise in China. The offered services contain corporate training and coaching to develop your people in Sales & Customer Centricity (Chancental), Change Management (Hive17), Project Management (STS), and Design Thinking (Spark Labs), as well as the ASM Hub, which offers a pragmatic and smart solution to your After-Sales & Maintenence operation in China. 

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Customer Value & Sales by Chancental, St. Gallen

We believe that focusing on and looking through the eyes of your customers will guarantee a significant profitable growth result.

We will help you to use the right tools to collect the right customer insights, develop the right solutions which will make your customers not only engaged but loyal.

Training Offer: a building block of tools, methods and structured approaches will be training in sessions and coached in real life projects you select – until you achieve the defined results.

Strategy Development, Customer Experience Design, Profit Machine, Business Model Innovation, Sales Effectiveness


The programs offered by Hive17 drive your teams’ productivity. We believe that motivated people are the key to your success.

Achieving results faster and better requires excellence in innovation, collaboration and decision-making. For this, we create awareness, provide simple tools and shape new routines.

Modules offered: interactive workshops for meaningful purpose, objectives and key results, data-driven decision-making.

Intrinsic Motivation, Alignment, Unconscious Bias


STS provides Project Management Training and Consultancy Services across all sectors and business areas. Our goal is to help companies invest in human capital through customized and innovative training approaches.

E-Learning courses for in-house/individual Project Management training and certification preparations (IPMA, ICB4, PMP®, PRINCE2, PMOBK 6th).

SimuTrain® the Project Management simulator for managing a project, a team and decision making.

X-am – online exams simulator for the preparation of certifications.

Assessment tools for evaluation of knowledge, abilities, and skills.

Coaching face-to-face or virtual in multiple languages.


In a world more volatile and complex than ever, innovation cannot just come from linear thinking and incremental changes. It needs new perspectives and bold moves. This is why Spark Works was founded. Spark Works finds its origin at EPFL and ETHZ, Switzerland’s Federal Institutes of Technology, where it tackled science and engineering challenges from a human-centered point of view. As Switzerland’s leading strategic innovation company, today we help a wide range of company to develop human-centered products and services, adapt their value proposition to new markets, as well as to improve their in-house innovation capabilities.

Training Offer:

  • Design Thinking Executive Training to deeply dive into the user-centered methodology, applying its key tools and embracing its agile mindset
  • Train the Trainer Workshop to learn key skills to be a Design Thinking facilitator and become the catalyst of change within your company
  • 1-week Design Sprint to accelerate entry to the market or/and adapt your existing product/service to new customer needs and requirements
  • Strategy Workshop to help you identify key action steps for implementation and conduct stakeholder analysis to set up a successful engagement strategy

Design Thinking, Human-centered innovation, Use cases, Agile, Design Sprint, Entry to the market, Stakeholder Management

After-Sales & Maintenance Hub

Many Swiss and European SME struggle with their After-Sales and Maintenance Services in China. There was, up to now, never a fully satisfying solution: Fly-in Fly-out services are costly, slow and often disproportionate in effort and time involvement of a senior Engineer. Local employment of a dedicated person aims in many cases over the top, as the amount of service and maintenance interventions don’t justify a 100% employment.