Sales & Customer Centricity by Chancental, ST. Gallen

We believe that focusing on and looking through the eyes of your customers will guarantee a significant profitable growth result.

We will help you to use the right tools to collect the right customer insights, develop the right solutions which will make your customers not only engaged but loyal.

Training Offer: a building block of tools, methods and structured approaches will be training in sessions and coached in real life projects you select – until you achieve the defined results.

Strategy Development, Customer Experience Design, Profit Machine, Business Model Innovation, Sales Effectiveness

An independent marketing company naturally approaches the right customers and in the process always reaps the maximum benefits. The same applies to marketing and sales promotion activities. Furthermore, there is absolute transparency in all activities and developments in the business area can be readjusted at any time. The business mostly runs like clockwork  and there is absolutely no need for marketing and sales promotion initiatives.  Almost never.

However, is this the reality?  Is profitable growth actually comprehensible and transparent enough? Or does the simple scenario described above leave room for  hidden treasures or opportunities to reduce expenses and, thus, even increase turnover? What strengths form the pillars of your organisation and which of them make you unique? How do you and your team evolve and make progress and, above all, towards what goal?

We have experienced ourselves all too often how dangerous it is to move within the zone of comfort, security, and continuity, and we help you and your team to come out of that zone and gain new perspectives.

Your Targets are our Red Thread
  • Do you see potential for improvement?
  • Do you face more and more obstacles to achieve the defined targets?
  • Does your team perform well enough?
  • Do you know that you have the right pricing strategy in place?

We will screen your targets and try to understand how you perform today. Based on that we concept the red thread for potential „chances“ in your environment.

If you feel familiar with the following picture our Customer Development Management – „The Profit Machine“ – might be of interest for you:

Future-oriented customer classification model

Future-oriented customer classification model

Potential-Oriented Execution in Marketing & Sales

Potential-oriented customer segmentation means future-orientation and not history-related. With our „Customer Development Management“ we enable your organization to focus on the right customer and to achieve more profit per customer by exploiting potential.

In conjunction with a reviewed pricing strategy per customer segment we deliver to you an opportunity for a „pofit boost“.

More information you will find here.

Our phased approach will help you to execute efficiently to reach the targets fast:

Customer Development Phases

„Customer Development Management“ Phases

Win your People for the Improvment

With „The Change Game“ we enable your organization to procede the necessary steps to develop into the future: with everyone on board and supporting the change.

Effective Technological Tranformation

Without the right technology in place no efficiency increase will be reached. We have the right experiences to support you in focusing  on the right topics to develop fast and target-oriented.

Heiko Rosenbohm – CEO of Chancental


Strategy & Customer Development Management, Customer Centricity

Heiko is a lecturer of the Boston Business School for Executive Management, has know-how in distribution, marketing, business development and strategy development, as well as comprehensive experience from the IT environment. CRM and CVM are no pure software solutions for him, rather a real people matter and philosophy for a successful enterprise.

During the last 17 years he has served in various senior management capacities (marketing, sales, logistics, IT & business development) at European blue-chip corporations and brings a rich experience background in marketing and sales of effectiveness services into the equation.

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