In a world more volatile and complex than ever, innovation cannot just come from linear thinking and incremental changes. It needs new perspectives and bold moves. This is why Spark Works was founded. Spark Works finds its origin at EPFL and ETHZ, Switzerland’s Federal Institutes of Technology, where it tackled science and engineering challenges from a human-centered point of view. As Switzerland’s leading strategic innovation company, today we help a wide range of company to develop human-centered products and services, adapt their value proposition to new markets, as well as to improve their in-house innovation capabilities.

Training Offer:

  • Design Thinking Executive Training to deeply dive into the user-centered methodology, applying its key tools and embracing its agile mindset
  • Train the Trainer Workshop to learn key skills to be a Design Thining facilitator and become the catalyst of change within your company
  • 1-week Design Sprint to accelerate entry to the market or/and adapt your existing product/service to new customer needs and requirements
  • Strategy Workshop to help you identify key action steps for implementation and conduct stakeholder analysis to set up a successful engagement strategy

Design Thinking, Human-centered innovation, Use cases, Agile, Design Sprint, Entry to the market, Stakeholder Management