Accelerate your innovation potential with our 5-day Immersion Tour to China’s industrial and innovation hotspots of Shenzhen/Guangzhou and Shanghai

29 October – 2 November 2018

China is rapidly turning itself into an innovation leader, pushing their companies and products towards the innovation frontier. The “Made in China 2025” policy launched by the Chinese government to boost its economy will make sure of that. This will provide the basis for innovation opportunities also for foreign companies.

China today has turned into one of the most dynamicinnovation ecosystems on the globe, from electronics to robotics to artificial intelligence and IoT. In thishypercompetitive environment, only the most agile

and capable companies prevail. Are you ready to understand the implications of “Made in China 2025” for your company or organization?

Our Innovation Immersion Tour provides a selected group of executives with a thorough understanding of the “Made in China 2025” policy with the aim to derive actionable insights for your business or organization.

Explore how Shenzhen/Guangzhou and Shanghai as the major hotspots of the “Made in China 2025” policy can support you in boosting your China business model.

Our approach

The 5-day China Innovation Immersion Tour is an intense learning experience where you actively contribute and drive forward the China-related business model of your company or organization.

Your added value

The China Innovation Immersion Tour exposes you to the Chinese innovation environment and allows you to explore best-practices. You can expect the following:

  • A structured pre-departure workshop to learn about the broad China innovation context
  • 5-day on-the-ground immersion tour actively guided by academic and industry experts to explore the opportunities of the “Made in China 2025” policy
  • Selected company visits, seminars and interaction with innovation-experts, practitioners and government officials to enhance your network in China
  • Development of a comprehensive understanding of the dynamism in China’s innovation eco-sphere to derive insights for your own company or organization

Your take-aways

Participants benefit from a structured and guided tour in a hand-picked group of business/government executives. You will take away:

  • First-hand insights on trends and developments of the Chinese innovation ecosystem
  • Selected innovation best-practice cases in China’s innovation hotspots of Shenzhen/Guangzhou and Shanghai
  • A customized China-related business model canvas for your company or organization as a concise and comprehensive summary
  • An exclusive exchange with your carefully selected peers on the tour and beyond
  • The option to have an individual debriefing

Program details

  • The China Innovation Immersion Tour will take place from 29 October to 02 November 2018
  • In order to ensure effective coaching and mutual learning, the tour is limited to max. 20 participants
  • The price of the entire 5-day tour is CHF 4’950.- (excl. flights) including all local accommodation, transportation and catering
  • An optional debriefing upon return may be requested against an additional CHF 500.-
  • Companies interested in the China International Import Expo (05 – 10 November 2018) may inform us, and we can help facilitate the respective arrangements

How to join the Innovation Immersion Tour “Made in China 2025”

Check our detailed program of the Innovation Immersion Tour and register your interest until 30 September 2018.

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