Project Management by STS Sauter Training & Simulation

STS Sauter Training & Simulation SA is a Swiss company dedicated to providing training in project management and developing innovative project management training tools.

Since 1996, STS successfully deploys highly tailored training programs in numerous national and international companies of all industries. Furthermore, it prepares hundreds of candidates for different project management certifications.

STS advises and supports you to optimize your project management. STS develops training concepts adapted to your needs and internal processes.

Thanks to its experience and expertise, STS contributes to your growth strategy directly by offering customized training programs. Increase the project management maturity of your employees through our globally recognized certification programs.

Support from STS will help you to improve both success rate of your projects and the satisfaction of your staff.

We guarantee a return on your investment in your human capital.

STS establishes the project management competencies within the DEMOS Group.

Our Beliefs

1. Project management is a key competence, in any business environment

2. Projects are done by people, not by tools

3. Learning is changing, training changes the way things are done

4. People have different learning needs, styles and behavior which need to be addressed

5. Effective training requires individual curiosity, interaction, collaborative exchange, but also fun

STS in Numbers

Tailor-Made Training Solutions

At STS, we offer demand-driven training solutions for a variety of target groups in the field of project management. We design project management training according to the project maturity of a company or individual.

In-house solutions include training on the basics of standard project management methodologies as well as training programs on corporate specific project processes. They lead to higher project maturity of project managers.

In-house training is also designed for certification preparation which results in the certification of the company’s project managers.

Patrick Lehmann – CEO STS

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