Innovation in pilotless driving

In recent years, pilotless driving technology has been regarded as one of the most important highlands in the field of science and technology both at home and abroad. With the support of Chinese policies and the collective exploration of enterprises, China has made subversive innovations in the field of pilotless driving.

 AIMO pilotless patrol police car patrols all day to assist security in all important venues of the military games

In the recent 7th Military World Games (hereinafter referred to as the “military games”), China’s self-developed pilotless patrol police car took its stand. With its face recognition, license plate recognition, one button alarm, AI intelligent voice dialogue and other functions, it can guarantee the safety of domestic and foreign athletes and spectators. This is the first time that pilotless driving is applied in the field of public security and police affairs, which shows the high level of scientific research in China and the deep strength of independent research and development in pilotless driving.

According to reports, the pilotless patrol car is one of the first self-developed patrol cars introduced by the Wuhan police dep. to escort the military games. The 7 × 24-hour three-dimensional patrol car realizes the police security by intelligent patrolling. The pilotless patrol police car is named AIMO, and it is also the first time for the military games to have it launched. It is reported that AIMO pilotless patrol police car is specially for the public security field by AI group. It has become the first landing achievement of domestic L4 level pilotless driving, V2X vehicle road coordination, 5G and other technologies in the future travel scene, leading the commercialization process of L4 level pilotless driving, and also showing the maturity and leadership of L4 level pilotless driving technology achievements of China to the whole world.

Aimo pilotelss patrol police car ensuring the safety of domestic and foreign athletes in the military game village


Application of pilotless technology

The widest application prospect of pilotless technology is in the field of national defense. L4 level pilotless technology is going to be commercialized on a large scale, which also shows that China’s national defense is taking big step forward in the exploration of intelligent development. Focusing on the field of public security, the 7 × 24-hour three-dimensional patrol of the pilotless patrol police car has formed a strong joint force to deter and crack down on criminals, comprehensively improve the safety factor in the field of public security throughout the country with future travel, build a new protective wall for the city’s three-dimensional security, and bring more sense of security and happiness to the people.

Aimo pilotelss patrol police car patrolling around Hankou Railway Station

Under full-scale consideration, the accelerated landing of pilotless technology can not only benefit the public security field, but can also be applied  in other travel scenarios such as border patrol and emergency management. Due to its integration of artificial intelligence, big data, 5G and other technologies, it is known as the product of the development of computer science and artificial intelligence control technology, which has become one of the important indicators to measure the level of a country’s scientific research and development strength.